Xavi Sala was born in Alacant, Spain. He studied Communication Sciences with specialization on Journalism. He has worked as a film and television script writer. He is the author of several long film scripts, with special mention to “Viatge d’estudis” (Finalist to the Pilar Miró long film awards in 2007) and “Bienvenida, María” (Finalist in the SGAE Julio Alejandro contest, 2004 and participant in the Sundance-Oaxaca workshop, 2006).

He has written tv series and program scripts in Spain, such as “Periodistas”, “Vidas Paralelas” and “Padres”. He is currently working on his first long film as director, and imparting international script workshops.

He has directed 9 short films and participated in many national and international Festivals, where he has received more than 80 awards and has become internationally acknowledged. Some of these Festivals are: Tampere, Oberhausen, Dresden, San Sebastian, Berlin, Guadalajara, Sao Paulo, Alcalá de Henares,  Huelva, Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, Seul, Sidney, Tanger, etc. His short “Hiyab” was nominated to the Goya Awards.


  • El Nacimiento (The Birth) (Short/ 2012 / 13’/ DCP 2K)
  • El reloj (The watch) (Short/ documentary/ 2011 / 13’/ 35 mm)
  • La Autoridad (The Authority) (Short/ 2010 / 10’/ 35 mm)
  • La parabólica (The Parabolic Dish)  (Short/ 2007 / 12’/ 35 mm)
  • En el instituto (In the High School) (Short/ 2006 / 3’/ 35 mm)
  • Hiyab  (Short/ 2006 / 8’/ 35 mm) (Nominated Spanish Goya Awards)
  • Los padres (Parents)  (Short/ 2004 / 5’/ 35 mm)
  • Maleteros (Trunks) (Short/ 2003/ 9’/ 35 mm)
  • 60 años  (60 years old) (Short/ 2002 / 13’/ 35 mm)